Our Students…

What we look for in our students
How are our students different?

….. are:
logical, analytical, open-minded, curious, detail-oriented, free-thinking, creative, methodical.

….. have:
an enthusiasm for problem-solving, a readiness to abandon old paradigms, a scepticism of accepted/easy answers, a love of language.

….. want:
to expand on traditional hypnotherapy techniques, relish a challenge, enjoy constant learning throughout their years in practice.

Our students have a variety of goals. Some are seeking a career and/or lifestyle change. Some are already in employment and are looking for a rewarding part-time career. Others are retired or semi-retired from their main occupation and are looking forward to using their skill-set and personal interests and passions in a new and creative way.

Whilst our students come from all kinds of backgrounds, the common link which connects them all is that they tend to hold an open minded, free-thinking approach to problem-solving.

They appreciate that working with the subconscious mind of each individual patient means there is no β€˜one size fits all’ approach, and are willing to abandon old paradigms to embrace new ways of thinking – for the benefit of others.

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Our Courses…

How we teach Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy
How Are Our Courses Different?

A practical therapy needs to be taught in a practical way. We demonstrate the total treatment process – from initial consultation right through to completion of treatment – with genuine clients suffering from real issues/conditions.  This experiential learning provides unparalleled learning opportunities backed up by detailed explanations and theoretical foundations and the benefit of supervised practice, so that students can gain confidence in their abilities to put all the tools and techniques into practice for themselves.

Small classes ensure each student receives individual guidance and feedback throughout the course and has the chance to question the tutors and therapists as well as the people receiving treatment.

While many additional resources are made available to students during the course, we also support our graduates once they begin in practice by providing ongoing support, networking opportunities, clinical supervision, coaching and regular conferences.

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Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy…..

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Using Subconscious Specific Questioning to identify the base cause of a symptom then allows correction of Core Beliefs.  Dealing with this source information, means that the belief is neutralised and the emotional and chemical chain reaction is deactivated.

This brief therapy is gentle and enjoyable for the client and provides quick, full and long-lasting relief without the necessity of direct symptom work.  Thus, this unique therapy system works with the subconscious instead of attempting to override its reactions.

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Are You Ready?

Free Download

If you would like to understand more about hypnotherapy before committing to full training, our foundation course is available to you and you can start it as soon as you wish.

Covering the basics of the roles and functions of the conscious and subconscious, what hypnosis is and the many ways it can be used in therapy, this distance-learning, Introductory Course provides individual feedback on your progress through each module and is ready for you to enrol right now for only Β£75.00

With this grounding in LCH treatment on which to build, you can then proceed to the full, practical, training course for professional qualification if you wish to do so.

The next, Stage one,  Practical & Theoretical Certification Course (for professional qualification) begins soon.  Dates and venue of next course are shown in the ‘dates‘ tab.

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We look forward to welcoming you!