Practitioner Resources

Practitioner Resources

The following resources are available to hypnotherapists, Curative Hypnotherapists and licensed LCH therapists.

All dates for courses, workshops, conferences, etc are shown in the right-hand menu of each page.

Full details about each resources is shown on the relevant page, accessed by clicking the links below:-

Available to past students only *.

Online LCH Knowledge Base    Online LCH Knowledge Base

Diploma Course Diploma Course *

Practical Course   Re-attendance of Practical Course *

LCH weekend revision   * Single-Weekend Revision *

Homestudy Update * Homestudy – complete set (Version 2018-1) 

Practice Brochures *

LCH Handbook
LCH Handbook (Version 2018-1)

LCH Reference Manual
LCH Reference Manual (Version 2018-1)

LCH National Conference

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