Re-Attendance – Stage One (Practical)


Attend the Practical Course again at significantly reduced cost.

Refresher Course (8day) – £550.00

Re-Attendance (10day) – £740.00

Suitable for those who:-

  • previously qualified with us and wish to consolidate their learning and confirm best practice,
  • wish to simply remind and refresh their knowledge, understanding and abilities,
  • graduated through a course with us before 2002 and who wish to up-skill to LCH methodologies.

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From Curative Hypnotherapy to LCH

You probably expect that Curative Hypnotherapy hasn’t been standing still since you did your training with us, but maybe you don’t know just how much it has changed.

If any of the following sound unfamiliar, or if they are familiar terms but they do not form any part of your current practice, then there is a very good chance that you and your future clients could benefit significantly from your re-attendance on a Stage 1 (practical) Course:

  • Using the SRBC grid to efficiently guide the direction of questioning.
  • Effectively rectifying the “why behind the why”.
  • Establishing the first step on the path to the eventual creation of the core Belief.
  • Working with the Initial Causal Event behind the ISE and the flawed or misguided interpretation that led to the eventual creation of that reaction.
  • Employing the ‘little bit right, little bit wrong’ to quickly and simply differentiate between Causal, confirmatory and triggering events.
  • Understanding Subconscious Semantics: Language and phrasing of introductions, explanations, suggestions and questions.
  • Utilising Conscious Distraction to ensure accurate, relevant information is gained.
  • The handicaps, disadvantages and dangers of relying on visualisation techniques.
  • Enabling a step-by-step subconscious reinterpretation of all the affecting life-events in a swift and simple session.

The SRBC Grid

The SRBC grid provides the therapist with a clear ‘map’ of how each individual reacted to the events and circumstances of their life to end up suffering their particular condition or symptom. Utilising this, your patient can be guided far more efficiently towards the relevant information thus less time is spent on incidents and past events and your sessions are far more streamlined.

This allows treatment to quickly progress beyond the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) so that you can effectively deal with WHY the ISE had the effect it did.

Correcting the misinformation behind the ISE means the symptom(s) diminish far quicker, enabling your clients to enjoy the benefits of your treatment sooner.


Who Will Benefit?

The 8-day Refresher Course (option 1 below) is appropriate for those who previously qualified with us and wish to:
-Consolidate their learning, confirm best practice or
-Simply remind and refresh their knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities.
-Particularly useful if there has been a delay between completing the course and setting up in practice, or for those about to sit their Advanced Diploma Examination.


The 10-day Conversion / Re-Attendance Course is appropriate to people who qualified through a course with us before 2002 and who:
-Are currently in practice and wish to bring their treatments completely up to date;
-Have been taking a break, or lost touch with current best practice, and are now ready to resume their practice;
-Did their initial training but, for whatever reason, didn’t set up in practice, are now ready to make a start and want to catch up with the latest techniques first.
-Were not previously successful in the Certificate Examination.

Course Content

  • Refresher Course:

Much like your initial training with us, we will be providing LCH treatment to volunteer clients in front of you. In addition to seeing the various tools and techniques put to clinical use in this way, you will also:-

      • be given clear explanations about the purpose, use and advantages of tools and techniques,
      • understand when to use which technique and why,
      • know how to introduce the techniques to your own clients to ensure they are used to maximum effect,
      • be provided with course notes and handouts so that you can begin implementing what you learn quickly and simply,
      • receive a FREE copy of the LCH Handbook as a guide in your provision of LCH treatment to your own patients/clients (usually £35),
      • receive a  FREE copy of the LCH Reference Manual to provide additional resources and theoretical backup (usually £52),
      • Includes:
        • Attendance 10.00am – 5.00pm on 8 days,.
        • Lunch and refreshments on each day of the course.
        • All hand-outs and printed material.
        • Unlimited Access to the online LCH Knowledge Base during the course (usually £250).
        • Certificate of Attendance/ CPD.
  • Conversion Course / Re-Attendance (with Personal Guidance):

(As Option 1 above, and in addition:…) By completing the specially designed written assignments after each weekend of the course, your learning and understanding will be consolidated. Each assignment is then assessed by a tutor and you will receive tailored feedback on each submission. Areas you have mastered will be recognised and any area on which further guidance would be beneficial to you will be highlighted and the appropriate support provided.

    • Includes:
      • All as in Refresher Course above, as well as….
      • Additional two days attendance (10 days in total)
      • Supervised practice of techniques (5pm – 6pm on Saturdays).
      • Individual feedback and personal guidance to maximise learning.

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