LCH Knowledge Base


An online database compromising of a wealth of information contributed by tutors and LCH practitioners.  

The Knowledge Base contains professional tips and guidelines created with the purpose of supporting students, beginners and experienced practitioners in their studies and practice.

It also provides scope for contributors to share alternative perspectives and viewpoints with the aim of expanding and developing LCH possibilities further still. 

One year’s subscription at the fee shown entitles you to unlimited access across that period.




The Knowledge Base covers all aspects of practice, both business-wise and the application of the therapy itself, such as:

  • Setting up in business.
  • Dealing with enquiries.
  • Marketing your practice.
  • Promotional/advertising advice.
  • Guidance on dealing with particular symptoms or treatment enquiries.
  • Help with techniques, phrasing and treatment difficulties.
  • Explanations of how and why specific techniques are advantageous.
  • Templates for introducing various techniques – how to adapt/create them.

This Knowledge Base is fully search-able, allowing quick access to information and guidance about your business, the treatment, techniques or concerns about a client and find answers, information, reference points and opinions from several sources;  all in one place; easily and immediately.

This is an ongoing project with material being constantly created or located and included for your benefit, but has already become an invaluable resource for LCH practitioners.

As this in an online resource, access is available 24/7 – whenever it is needed.


Temporary access is granted to students for use while undertaking Stage One and Stage Two courses.
(No additional charge to such students – the fee is included in tuition costs)

Full access is available to Licensed Lesserian® Curative Hypnotherapists – for free (no charge).

Other hypnotherapists who wish to benefit from this comprehensive and ever-growing resource may gain full access at the price shown for one year’s unlimited access.