Hypnotherapy Explained


Available in hardback or download.

Littered with real-life case histories, this fascinating and easy-to-read explanation of what hypnosis is, how it can be used and how the subconscious creates the many, varied conditions and symptoms which can be so effectively helped with Curative Hypnotherapy.

David Lesser’s pioneering work into the understanding of the subconscious and how to actually identify and correct the cause of symptoms remains the foundation of Curative Hypnotherapy to this day. The understanding and application of this fascinating therapy continue to advance, but the concepts so simply explained in this, his first book on the subject, provide an excellent introduction to what is now known as ‘Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy’.


This is the original publication on the Curative use of hypnosis and is still the best introduction to the subject.

This easy-to-read book describes the state of hypnosis and how this relaxation can be used to uncover the causes of many physical and mental problems so that they may be corrected.

Using many case histories from his years in practice, David Lesser clearly explains the logical methods of Curative Hypnotherapy treatment.

This is not a book about problem people but about normal people who have developed problems and shows clearly how their symptoms have been created and how they can be overcome.

This book was originally written for those who may be interested in receiving Hypnotherapy treatment but it also provides a solid foundation for those wishing to become therapists. It will dispose of many of the common worries about hypnosis and allay many fears about this relaxed state.