Diploma Examination


The Diploma Examination will be conducted by independent assessors. To be eligible to sit this exam:

A candidate must have gained the Certificate in Curative Hypnotherapy and then:

  1. Have been in practice for a minimum of 2 years and
  2. Gained a minimum of 30 hours of relevant on-going training since initial qualification

To decide whether the 4-part or 3-part examination is required, please see details below.



The Diploma Examination consists of four parts:

  1. Written Examination OR Completion of Advanced Diploma Course
  2. Case Study
  3. Practical Examination
  4. Oral Examination.

If you have completed the Advanced Diploma Course, you need not sit the written examination; the 3-part (Case, Practical & Oral) examination is open to you.

If you have NOT completed the Advanced Diploma Course, the full 4-part (Written, Case, Practical & Oral) examination is required.

A full Candidate’s Guide will be sent to you on application or request; this will provide details of content and required layouts for the Written Exam and Case Study and provide information about the set-up and requirements for the Practical and Oral examinations.

Please complete the examination application form (opens in new tab)