An exciting and informative opportunity to develop specific skills within LCH.

Attendance is open to anyone with Certificate qualification.

Whether you are an experienced LCH therapist, newly qualified, or trained many years ago and wish to ‘dip your toe’ back into the world of LCH, then this event is for you.

To ensure optimal learning, places are limited – early booking is advised.


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“Achieving Causal Understanding”

  • Cause or Not Cause
  • Identifying the LBR and the LBW
  • Working with the information to enable re-interpretation

Enhance your ability to analyse and understand the information gained; recognise the relevance of potential meanings of the information, so that you can rely on it being causative information.

Knowing the elements required and being able to rely on your own understanding of that information, the second session will focus on what to do with the details gained and how to follow your own unique logic to achieve reinterpretation and the disposal of symptoms.

This workshop will consist of two sessions, each of one hour, with a break between.

Part of the workshops will involve working in pairs/small groups, allowing each person to fully participate and to identify any areas where they feel guidance might be useful.

The workshops will use real cases.  However if you would like feedback and/or guidance on one of your own clients, do bring full details* to the meeting.

(* including complete SRB and full details of the causative incident)


  • Date: Saturday 18th November 2023
  • Cost: £55.00
  • Venue: Online (Zoom)
  • Time: 10.30am to 1.00pm

(There will be a 30 minute break between the two sessions)



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Date of Conference

National conferences are held each May and November.

  • Saturday 18th November 2023