Book of Hypnosis

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While the understanding and application of the therapy continues to advance, this book is still the best publication available in enabling people to realise the amazing power and beautiful logicality of the subconscious mind and remains the foremost introduction to those seeking treatment or wishing to become a Lesserian® Curative Hypnotherapist.


In this volume David Lesser contrasts the different methods of using hypnosis in therapy, to explain the many and varied kinds of hypnotherapy available. He also looks at:-

  • The limitations of self-hypnosis
  • The uses of hypnosis in forensic investigation
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions
  • The relationship between hypnosis and the occult and
  • Almost every other aspect of the subject of hypnosis.

Like his first book “Hypnotherapy Explained”, this book is illustrated with many case histories. It is written in an easy-to-read style and, while being a useful book for practitioners of Hypnotherapy, would be extremely helpful to anyone considering undergoing treatment or who may be interested in training to become an LCH therapist.