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Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy – the advanced use of hypnosis.

What is LCH Therapy?

By finding the precise Cause of an individual’s symptom or issue and correcting this, the ‘need’ for the complaint is eliminated – without the necessity for any symptom treatment with all its attendant dangers.

A safe, comfortable and enjoyable therapy to undergo, with techniques specially designed to prevent unwelcome emotions or unpleasant memories being experienced or slowing down the benefits and progress of treatment.

This advanced treatment – and the fact that we are working with genuine volunteer clients – are the most significant differences between this and any other hypnotherapy course.

For many years hypnotherapy has been an acceptable form of treatment for a wide variety of problems. Over more recent years, significant advances have been made in the understanding of how and why people create these issues and this has opened the door to the development of Curative Hypnotherapy which, as its name implies, aims to provide long-lasting results in only a few treatment sessions.

Types of Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnosis itself is simply a tool – it can be used in many different ways:

  • Most courses will teach you the basic uses (to improve sleep, relaxation and confidence for example).
  • Some will teach you how to use Suggestion techniques and how to write scripts so that you can provide symptom relief for specific problems (such as weight loss, anxiety or phobias).
  • Some go further, widening your skill-base to include other techniques (counselling, psychology, NLP, EFT and/or Ericksonian methods for example)  enabling the patient to better understand, manage or learn to live with their condition.
  • Alternatively, the teachings may go in the opposite direction; rather than various ways of working with individual symptoms, training you instead in how to look for the triggers and/or the start of the suffering and to work with the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE).
  • Such symptom treatment, behaviour modification or work with ISEs  can be of immense help to some people, but they focus on the ‘what‘ (symptom) or the ‘when‘ (first experience of a symptom) which leaves the  ‘why‘ untouched, resulting in the possibility of the symptom returning at some point.

While all these methods have their place, for those who suffer chronic conditions or who wish a more long-lasting result to their treatment, LCH enables you to identify WHY a person has reacted to past experiences by suffering some condition or symptom. Correcting the actual Causal Reason means it cannot create further effects or symptoms at some other point – if the cause is not corrected it still exists to create future problems.

No therapist can possibly know all the experiences of the patient. Only the person with the symptom can have this information, and Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy aims to identify this, so that it can be corrected and its effects disposed of.

How do we teach LCH?

Lectures, talks and handouts are all very well when dealing with facts or theories, but hypnotherapy deals with people.

When you start in practice, you will be consulted not only by people with many different problems, but also by those with many differing beliefs and expectations about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Volunteer Clients

This is one of the reasons why we teach by working with volunteer clients – members of the public who have genuine issues. You will see the different reactions and how each person is dealt with as an individual, from the first session and throughout their treatment.

On subsequent days, as we work through the treatment with each client, you will also see how any difficulties are overcome and throughout the training day, in between each treatment session, you will benefit from full discussion, explanations and strategies. Thus, you will gain the deepest possible understanding providing you with the flexibility to deal with almost any client when you begin in professional practice yourself.

Experiential Learning

Once you have witnessed how the tools and techniques are applied, have gained the understanding through the explanations, tuition and demonstrations supplied you will have the opportunity to practice them for yourself in the safe and supportive environment of the course – gaining experience as well as confidence in their use.

You will…

  • witness the complete treatment of several clients
  • understand how and why these symptoms have been created
  • see and understand how this information is used to correct the cause of the problem and
  • see how the symptoms disappear without the need for ongoing strategies, effort or therapy.

 Individual Guidance

Each Stage One course averages a student/tutor ratio of 4:1, so that all students have a chance to have their questions answered and opinions listened to. It also means that every student benefits from individual and personalised feedback on their progress throughout the entire course.

This course is not a series of lectures, talks and handouts – it is an actual practical course, equipping you to go into professional practice without delay.