Testimonials and Feedback

Introductory Course

“I really enjoyed the homestudy element of the training that I was able to do in my own time and at my own pace. I was expecting brief feedback and support back for the work I submitted, but the depth of feedback I received was greatly beyond my expectations – these in depth responses always gave me a new angle to consider and always left me keen to progress to the next module of work.”

This homestudy course provides a great opportunity to learn more about hypnotherapy and to establish if the practical course may be for you, but it is also a great course in its own right and I would recommend it to anyone just wanting a thought-provoking course that they can do at their own pace.

“From the second I started doing this homestudy element I knew that I personally HAD to go on to do the practical course so that I could learn more, not only about hypnotherapy in general but specifically about the unique approach of Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy.”

“The exceptional feedback and support that I received on the homestudy element really made me confident that the Hypnotherapy Training College practical course would be of the same high standard. In fact, if anything, it was even better!”

“The Introductory Course (home study) whetted my appetite because it wasn’t about learning facts. It was about using logic and letting ideas form – mulling things over to see where they might lead. Each submission was returned with feedback that enlightened me and encouraged me that this was something that fed my enquiring mind…… The explanations that came back were clear, in plain English, with no jargon.”

“A very well structured and well thought out course, which I have found thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.  The course materials set out clearly yet explicitly the basic premises of LCH, providing an excellent foundation upon which to build.  I find the subject fascinating and will really miss the challenge that each module brings.”

I enjoyed the course. I am used to thinking in most aspects of my job, but usually don’t bother to question my own attitudes and ideas. This course has made me take my original view of Hypnotherapy & look at it from all angles. (School Teacher)

The Homestudy really made me think. I thought hypnosis was all about suggestion, now I want to see Curative Hypnotherapy in practice on the course. (Newsagent)

The course so far has made hypnosis a lot clearer and taken away the ‘mysticism’ surrounding it. (Engraver)

I now believe that Hypnotherapy is a very logical science. (Doctor -Hospital)

There is an enormous difference between symptom removal and finding the cause to cure. (Music Teacher)

My attitudes have changed, I was unaware of just how many uses hypnosis had. (State Registered Nurse)

Previous to the Homestudy, I used the suggestion method but wasn’t sure how Hypnotherapy really worked. (Doctor -GP)

I am still very pro-hypnosis, but am now much more aware of the misuses to which it can be put. (School Teacher)

It turned my mind upside-down. (State Registered Nurse)

I was ignorant about Curative Hypnotherapy. Previously I had only knowledge concerning symptom treating hypnosis. (School Teacher)

I now realise how our mind controls our body. (Reflexologist)

[The course] helped give me a much clearer understanding of Curative Hypnotherapy. I was very impressed by your openness, honesty and ‘very real’ belief in what you are doing. (Martial Arts Instructor)

Practical & Theoretical Certification Course (Stage 1)

Many thanks for the assignment feedback and a million thanks for a really excellent course. (hypnotherapist)

Thank you for everything over the last couple of months, I have really gained a lot from the course, it has been inspiring and most enjoyable. (Receptionist)

Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for such a wonderful course – this is without doubt the best thing I have ever done! (Broadcaster)

I just thought that I needed to send you an e-mail to say thanks, but thanks does not seem big enough in my limited vocabulary, so if you can “imagine” the greatest compliment and gratitude ever bestowed on anyone, that is what I mean and more!   David [Lesser] may have sown the seed, but you have propagated, nurtured and developed LCH in to what it is today, and all credit must be given to you for your continued hard work and passion. . . You have given us something that is truly “magical” something that turns contemporary beliefs and thinking on their heads. (Senior Manager)

The Practical course lived up to the expectations created by the Homestudy. (Social Worker)

To actually witness the transformation in people that you demonstrate has to be the best way of training & the methods you employ are so simple and logical that I can’t understand how hypnosis could be used in any other way by a serious therapist. (Psychologist)

It was a pleasant surprise (though difficult to adjust to at first) that you are so insistent on bringing the subject down to earth, and keeping the therapy simple. I have been very bored in the past by people who are experts at their subjects, and highly experienced in everything involved in those subjects, while never having cured anyone. I look forward to the course. Thanks. (Builder)

Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for such a wonderful course – this is without doubt the best thing I have ever done, apart from creating my children!! I am keeping everything crossed that I pass, and will be practicing really hard so I can get started as soon as possible.  (Presenter)

I have changed my attitude regarding uncovering the ’cause’ and begun to realise that one needs to probe further than the ‘traumatic incident’. (practising hypnotherapist)

Thank you for everything over the last couple of months, I have really gained a lot from the course, it has been inspiring and most enjoyable.  I really appreciate everything and just wanted to drop you a mail to thank you properly. (Receptionist)

Many thanks Helen for the assignment feedback and a million thanks for a really excellent course.  (Hypnotherapist)

The methods of obtaining results by Curative Hypnotherapy have given me a new understanding of what can be achieved. (Sales Director)

It has opened up a whole new life to me. (Choreographer)

I am very grateful for the things I learnt on your course this year and the people were great. (Housewife)

I learnt an awful lot about myself as well. (Psychologist)

Many, many thanks for what you’ve taught me. (Musician)

Thanks for an instructive, informative and enjoyable course. (Hotel Proprietor)

Thank you both for an enjoyable and extremely interesting course. I am delighted with what I learnt. Congratulations on the work you do. (Hospital Matron)

Advanced Diploma Course (Stage 2)

“It’s so reassuring to know that I can ask my questions and even challenge your responses without fear of criticism.  I’ve done so many courses over the years but I’ve never been encouraged to think and extend myself like this – I love it!”

“I was amazed at how much I learned and consequently, how much my treatment improved, after completing only the first two modules….. changing a single word can actually change the entire interpretation of a question and having things such as this pointed out to me, was invaluable”

“The benefits in my treatment [from the Diploma Course] started from Day One and continued to increase throughout the whole process”

[Following the suggestions & the reasoning behind them] I have now changed the way that I explain how people imagine things differently…… Works every time!”

“I can only learn from my mistakes ….I find it fascinating and the most satisfying thing I have ever done and my rate of success seems very good….Thank you for your help and past comments”

“Thank you for suggesting alternative phrasing…… since I’ve improved this, the differences in patients’ responses are noticeably better and the information I’m getting is more what I want than what I had been asking for!”

“…The markers of the Diploma Course were tactful but made it clear that I was not going far enough….Not only has the course corrected mistaken ideas that I had developed [during my years in practice], but it also widened and sharpened my ability to think. Doing the course has made me more competent….more versatile when questioning….more confident of my ability….more confident approach to working with patients….increased success rate…”

 “….I feel the initial cause has been uncovered but,…. I can see that I have not corrected the mis-information … only convinced the patient that she no longer need the symptom….Seeing the mistake I have made should make me more vigilant in the future….”.

I was missing reassurance….and lacked confidence…[the reasons for this were identified & addressed] and by having that confidence now the efficacy of my therapy has improved.”

“[Implementing] your suggestions, overall the effect is I’m more relaxed, I’m more confident and the treatment is more effective in terms of time taken.”


“I found [the conference] so inspiring and productive. I just need a few weeks for all that learning to sink in now!”

“Really useful and enjoyable conference…….. – well worth the journey – thought-provoking and great to catch up with everyone.”

” … another brilliant conference and it was, as ever, great to see everyone again. Feeling inspired!”

” A BIG thanks to Helen once again for all the work undertaken in organising the Conf. yesterday. I know it’s a major task and more so as we moved to a new venue this time, so massive gratitude for that.  BIG thanks also to everyone – as always it’s fantastic to meet up with you. You all helped me move yet another step towards a fuller, deeper understanding.”

“Really Fabulous to see Everyone Today.  A HUGE thank you … for hosting s fabulous Conference, this was my favourite Conference by a clear Mile. Thank you ALL for your brilliant insights and input, I’m still on a BUZZ even Now”

“Great to see you all, its good to be in the company of such great minds.”

“Great conference, thought provoking and loads of fun too – thanks to Helen for organising it, before and during, and to everyone for great debates and individual conversations at the ‘in-between’ times.”

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