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To download the first module, click the ‘continue’ button.

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There is no cost involved and you are under no obligation to enrol on to Introductory Course. Just click the ‘continue’ button, enter your name and email address and the full module will be sent to you.

Why are we giving this away?

We are aware there are many different hypnotherapy training courses available which differ in their aims, qualifications, professional recognition and types of hypnotherapy treatment. How do you decide which is right for you?

Because we teach in a unique way and are the only place in the UK where you can learn Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy – we want to ensure that those who enrol are making an informed choice to learn this specialist therapy.

What better way for you to assess whether the training is right for you than by having the initial section BEFORE you pay for the remaining 6 training modules of the Introductory Course?

Just click the continue button, enter your name and email address and the full module will be sent to you. Once you have completed the module and have decided to proceed with training, just follow the instructions included to enrol and learn about this fascinating and rewarding therapy.

  • If you decide that learning LCH is not for you, then you need take no further action.
  • If you wish to continue with the next 6 training modules of the Introductory Course, simply submit the questionnaire at the end of the module you have downloaded.
  • When your questionnaire has been received, you will receive an acknowledgement and an invoice for the stated course fee.
  • Once your course fee has been paid, the first training module of the Introductory Course will be sent on to you.
  • For details of the cost, content, time-frame and purpose of the training modules, the information is provided here: Introductory Course.
  • The Introductory Course is foundation  training in Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy.
  • After successfully completing the Introductory Course, if you wish to progress to professional training, the full details of the cost, syllabus, time-frame and all other information is published here: Professional Practical Training Course.

Full details of the course sections, fees and professional accreditation are included – but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our contact details appear at the bottom of every page on our site.