Diploma Course

Diploma Course

Support & Guidance

Once you have gained your initial qualification (Certificate in Curative Hypnotherapy) and are ready to commence your new career, the Diploma Course is designed to provide the guidance and support required in the initial stages of setting up and running a successful practice.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

This method of Continued Professional Development is completely individual, identifying the areas which have been mastered as well as those which would benefit from guidance or improvement.

One-to-One Coaching

Each therapist has their own individual strengths and weaknesses and each of their patients is unique; therefore the Diploma Course was designed with maximum flexibility, tailored to the individual needs of the students but covering all necessary points. Additionally, it enables them to remain up-to-date with any advancement/ improvements in the understanding or application of the treatment since initial training.

Course Content

The course comprises nine modules. The various sections of the modules target different areas of treatment –

    • Explanations to patients to ensure they have a level of understanding which will enable them to co-operate easily;
    • Introducing various techniques; understanding and using the best methods possible to ensure success with each technique;
    • Analysis of treatment direction (questioning, phrasing, order, terminology) – increasing efficiency and success rate;
    • Exploring your business set-up, practice and marketing to further enhance or boost your business.

Additional Benefits

Furthermore, students are able to benefit from promotional literature, 24 hour access to the Online Knowledge Base and may apply to use the Lesserian™ Trademark. Focusing on each and every element of the treatment you are providing, it offers help, advice and guidance; enables you to provide more effective and efficient treatment and guides you steadily towards becoming fully qualified (Diploma in LCH).


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  • The Diploma Course is best started in advance of seeing first paying patient.
  • Each module takes between 3 and 6 submissions on average to complete
  • [please note, fees are payable per module, not per submission]
  • Average completion time is two or three modules per year.
  • There are no deadlines set, each practitioner is encouraged to work at their own speed and to get as much out of each module as possible.  The amount of hours devoted to each submission will vary depending on the commitment, requirements and needs of each practitioner.

Fees / Enrolment

To enrol, view or pay fees, please go to Diploma Course Fee page by clicking this link.