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Our Courses

Introductory Course.

  • 2-3 months duration.
  • Open to those with no previous training in Curative Hypnotherapy
  • Covering the basics of how our minds work, the functions of the conscious and subconscious, and how LCH therapy works.
  • Allows you to gain maximum benefit from all that will be explained, discussed and demonstrated on the Practical Course.
  • Can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ course for those who are simply interested in the subject.
  • ASSESSMENT – Continuous assessment of each submission to each training module.  Successful completion of Introductory Course allows invitation to progress to Practical Course.
  • For more information and detailed syllabus, please see Introductory Course page. 

Practical Course.

  • 3 months duration.
  • Open to those who have successfully completed the Introductory (Homestudy) Course and those who have gained a hypnotherapy qualification through another recognised hypnotherapy training establishment .
  • A practical therapy has to be taught in a practical manner.
  • Witness actual treatment from Consultation to Completion, with genuine Volunteer Patients.
  • With an average  tutor/student ratio of 1:4, tuition, explanations, demonstrations, supervised practice, this course provides an unparalleled learning opportunity.
  • Graduates will have the ability to treat any of the vast array of symptoms/conditions with which this advanced therapy is capable of dealing.
  • Graduates of this section of the training are eligible to apply for membership of professional bodies and begin in practice.
  • ASSESSMENT – Continuous assessment of both practical and theoretical knowledge each weekend of the course.  EXAMINATION – Carried out by external, independent examiners; 2-part (written and oral) exam.  Successful graduates gain ‘C.Hyp’ qualification, may begin  professional practice and proceed to Diploma Course.
  • For further information, including full syllabus and weekend breakdown, please see Practical Course page.

Diploma Course.

  • 2 years duration.
  • Open to those who have completed the Practical Course and have gained their Certificate qualification in Curative Hypnotherapy.
  • Individual tuition, specifically tailored for each therapists’ needs.
  • Clinical Supervision.
  • Free and unlimited access to the Online Knowledge Base
  • Provides guidance, support and advice during your first years in practice.
  • Discounted costs for attending any of the optional workshops, conferences, etc.
  • ASSESSMENT – Continuous assessment across 9 training modules.  EXAMINATION – Carried out by external, independent examiners; 3-part examination (case study, practical, oral).  Successful candidates gain the Diploma in Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy.
  • For further information, including breakdown of each module, see Diploma Course page.

Optional / Additional CPD

There is NO requirement for additional courses to learn different techniques or methods for dealing with particular symptoms or groups of problems – everything required to provide LCH treatment for the whole range of conditions is incorporated within the above.

However, regular Continued Professional Development is required for all professionals to keep them up-to-date with advances in understanding and/or application and to provide guidance and support, while some therapists wish to gain additional guidance or revision in specific areas.

We therefore support our students/graduates with the provision of various opportunities for one-to-one Mentoring, personal Coaching, Continued Professional Development, regular conferences, online networking/discussion forum and practical training/workshops. Details of these and other resources for practising LCH therapists can be found on the Practitioner Resources page.

Practitioner Resources