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A course for logical, free-thinking individuals
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 How Are Our  Courses Different?

How we teach LCH on our Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy course
How Are Our Courses Different?

Practical course with experiential learning. Supervised practice. Demonstrations of total treatment process with genuine clients. Small student groups to allow optimum learning. Individual feedback throughout. Resources available after graduation to support you in setting up and growing your practice……[more…..]

How Is LCH Therapy Different?

How Is LCH Different?
How is LCH Different?

A unique therapy system which works in co-operation with the subconscious.
The gentle art of Subconscious Specific Questioning ensures the base cause of a symptom is identified thus allowing correction of Core Beliefs.
In treating this source information, the belief is neutralised and the emotional and chemical chain reaction deactivated, thus achieving quick, long-lasting relief…..[more…..]

How Are Our Students Different?

How Are Our Students Different? This unique therapy requires certain attributes from those attending our Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy course.
What our students need to have

Our students are:…Logical, analytical, open-minded, curious, detail-oriented, free-thinking, creative, methodical. Our students have:….. an enthusiasm for problem-solving, a readiness to abandon old paradigms, a scepticism of accepted/easy answers, a love of language. Our students want  to expand on traditional hypnotherapy techniques, relish a challenge, enjoy constant learning throughout their years in practice……[more…..]

Introductory Course

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If you would like to understand more about hypnotherapy before committing to full training, our foundation course is available to you.
Covering the basics of the roles and functions of the conscious and subconscious, what hypnosis is and the many ways it can be used in therapy.
This distance-learning, Introductory course provides individual feedback on your progress through each module……[more…..]

  • Practical hypnotherapy training in small classes providing optimal learning environment.
  • Learn how to use hypnosis to improve others’ lives and provide a fascinating and rewarding career for you.
  • Concentrated, intensive courses for professional qualification.
  • Training approved and accredited.
  • Supervision and resources for graduates providing support when you set-up and as you expand your practice.
  • The only place in the UK where you can learn Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy.

Practical Courses in Curative Hypnotherapy

Whether you already have knowledge or experience of one of the many therapeutic uses of hypnosis or have no prior experience or relevant qualifications, the Hypnotherapy Training College offers an unrivalled opportunity to learn the most advanced uses of this fascinating therapy.

The Hypnotherapy Training College is dedicated to high quality, practical, professional training in Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH). Lectures, talks and hand-outs are all very well when dealing with facts or theories, but hypnotherapy deals with people! It is for this reason that our courses are experiential, practical, participatory experiences – providing you with full explanations, but also allowing you to see the tools, techniques and treatment itself in action and giving you the opportunity to put them into practice for yourself. With this level of practical tuition, you gain an understanding of how to apply the treatment alongside the experience and confidence of knowing that you can successfully employ the techniques being taught, before going in to practice.

For many years hypnotherapy has been an acceptable form of treatment for a wide variety of problems. Over more recent years, significant advances have been made in the understanding of how and why people develop these problems and therefore reliance on symptom-based scripts and having to continually attend training sessions to learn additional ways of dealing with individual conditions or people have become unnecessary. These advances have opened the door to the development of Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy.

We pride ourselves on being a Specialist Training Establishment.  All tutors are trained, qualified and experienced in providing exactly the same methods of treatment that they will teach to you.

Although the Core Curriculum is fully covered, and full supporting documentation and materials are included within the fees, we focus on the practical nature of the therapy, so that you can be as well-equipped and experienced as possible when you first start out in practice.

ACCREDITED: Our courses are approved, accredited or validated by all main UK hypnotherapy organisations: The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, The International Hypnotherapy Association and The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations.  Graduates will be eligible to register with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Graduates who demonstrate their commitment to providing treatment of the highest standards are eligible to apply to use the Lesserian trademark.

SUPPORT & SUPERVISION: Help, guidance and support are vital to practitioners of all therapies and treatments. Through personal mentoring, clinical supervision, discussion forums, conferences, workshops and an online Knowledge Base full of resources for the Curative Hypnotherapist, all this is provided for both our students and our graduates.

If you are thinking of learning about this fascinating field or wish to go into practice as a Curative Hypnotherapist, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The dates of the next learning opportunities are shown on the relevant course page.  Individual fee breakdown is also given.

This site provides full details of all fees and dates of the next practical course as well as information about how the courses are run and how Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy differs from the standard forms of hypnosis therapy.

INTRODUCTION TO CURATIVE HYPNOTHERAPY   is the first step towards becoming a qualified LCH practitioner. This is a distance-learning course providing an introduction to the subject of Curative Hypnotherapy. Covering the fundamentals of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Curative Hypnotherapy, it will explain the different roles of the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind and enable you to understand how the subconscious creates reactions/symptoms/problems. There are 7 modules to this section of the training course and individual, personal feedback is provided on each module submission. For fees and enrolment details, refer to the Introductory Course sign up page.

On completion of this Introduction to Curative Hypnotherapy Course, a student may be invited to progress to Stage 1, the Practical & Theoretical Certification Course, where they may learn the tools, techniques and skills to apply their understanding and become a qualified Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapist.

Practical & Theoretical Certification Course in Lesserian CURATIVE HYPNOTHERAPY (LCH) – STAGE 1: Comprehensive, practical courses in Curative Hypnotherapy. Stage 1 of the training includes the complete treatment of ‘volunteer clients’ – members of the public with genuine symptoms/problems who receive the full treatment (from the initial consultation right through to completion) in front of the students. This allows students to witness actual treatment as well as demonstrations to back-up all information, tuition and explanation provided. The Practical & Theoretical Certification Course is designed for those who wish to go into professional practice, but are also of interest to those who simply wish to understand more about how the subconscious works and to work with it to help resolve problems. Courses are suitable for those with no prior knowledge or experience as well as qualified hypnotherapists who wish to extend their current skill-set to include LCH.

The course covers all aspects of the treatment and business, equipping graduates to run a successful practice and treat the full array of symptoms with which they may be presented. The courses are accredited and/or validated by all the major professional associations for hypnotherapy, and graduates are eligible for membership to them.

When you start in practice, you will be consulted not only by people with many different problems, but also by those with many differing beliefs and expectations. Thus, we teach by working with genuine people with genuine problems. You will see the different reactions and how each person is dealt with as an individual, from the first session and throughout their treatment. On subsequent days, as we work through the treatment with each client, you will also see how any difficulties are overcome and benefit from full discussion, explanations and strategies. Thus, you will gain the deepest understanding possible, providing you with the flexibility to deal with almost any client when you begin in professional practice.

Each Stage 1 practical course averages a student/tutor ratio of 4:1, so that all students have a chance to have their questions answered and opinions listened to. It also ensures each student benefits from individual guidance and tailored feedback on their progress through the course, to maximise learning and understanding and also has the chance to benefit from supervised practice of the tools, techniques and application of LCH treatment.

Hypnotherapy training – WHAT WILL I LEARN?

You will learn the differences between the conscious and subconscious and how to work effectively with both; how and why the subconscious creates symptoms and therefore how to work with the subconscious to relieve the condition, problem or issue. You will also know how to assess whether a particular person or symptom can be treated, and which techniques would be appropriate or best.

All the tools and techniques a practising LCH therapist may require will be taught in full, and supervised practice, printed matter, hand-outs, unlimited access to the online Knowledge Base and other resources made freely available.

Our syllabus includes the Core Curriculum as laid down by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and as agreed by hypnotherapy professional bodies.

Hypnotherapy training – HOW WILL I BE ASSESSED?

Individual feedback is provided on each submission to every  Introductory Course module submission.

Written Assignments throughout the Practical & Theoretical Certification Course (Stage 1) have two purposes: To enable you to consolidate the knowledge/understanding you have gained and to allow the tutors to gauge your progress so that specific feedback/guidance can be provided to you if required.

Completion Certificates are issued for each completed module/course.

At the end of the Stage 1 (Certification) Course there is an independent written and oral examination conducted by external, certified examiners, leading to certification.

Once in practice, the modular design of the Advanced Diploma Course (Stage 2) allows you and your Personal Tutor to work together on every aspect of the treatment you are providing and on your business itself – confirming areas which you have mastered and identifying and resolving areas of difficulty.

Completion Certificates are provided for each completed module and the final Diploma Examination is carried out by independent examiners, as described above. The courses themselves have been assessed and validated by the relevant professional hypnotherapy organisations, as listed on the ‘accreditations‘ page.

If you are not ready quite yet to enrol, you can subscribe to our occasional newsletters.  Nobody likes being bombarded with frequent or irrelevant emails – we only send out information relating to our courses and for offers and opportunities available for our training – and of course you can unsubscribe at any time.  You will find the ‘subscribe’ button on the right hand menu of each page.

If you have any other questions, not answered by this site, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.